Share Your Data In Encrypted Files Even If It Is Large In Size

Every major service sector starting from banking to healthcare to law-enforcement agencies others are facing a very real threat of data loss, Data theft and Data mismanagement in recent times. More than ever before, it has become optimum to share any data online only in highly encrypted files. With the recent malware and ransomware incidents […]

Sharing File Securely With Using Encrypted File Transfer And Its Advantages

File sharing is the private sharing of data. It can be done outside a network simply by emailing your file. Simply we can say this is a way of sharing a file from one computer to another. Securing the information When we think about sending or sharing our important information the first thing comes to […]

Secure Your Business & Personal Data From Cyber Threats

While Cyber dependency increasing with every passing moment, so are the threats of data leakage and mismanagement. We can follow some simple steps to ensure that the data we share online is secure and delivered to the right recipient efficiently. We use the internet on regular basis, and it has become part of our daily […]

Sharing Files, Information In A Protected And Secured Way

File transfer or file sharing is the broadcast of a file, information through a proper message channel from one computer system to another computer. This file sharing is mainly done by a communication protocol. File transfer is a procedure of providing access to the computer program, audio file, image file, video file, documents. Basically, you […]

Secure Your Data With The Effective IT Solution

These days, electronic systems are being used in our everyday lives as well as in the business industry. There are manifold electronic systems available out there and they are being used for different purposes. However, all electronic systems have something in common. Actually, they are often used for operating with files, data, and documents. A […]