Online File Sharing Is Completely Secure And Should Be Simple And Secure

The users of the computer are time to time facing the impractical job of sharing and storing big files. As the emails have file size limits this is forever a challenge, particularly when you thinks about sharing about multimedia files that take up too much of space. Fortunately, Send Files Online services are easily offered. […]

Encrypted File Transfer Promising For Secure Transfer Of Money

The unsafe nature through which is transferred throughout a network between an FTP server and a PC of the client has turned it compulsory to make software that can turn the transfer extremely safe. Given the significance of the information that is moved among large companies, which requires large amounts of cash, it is essential […]

Managed And Secure File Transfer Is Making Life Easy-Codebase AG

We all are wishes to have a convenient and easy life. Definitely, we all do and secure file transfer is available to make the life easier in different kinds of functions. If you are looking for the right solutions then there is no need to underestimate how much result a managed file transfer solution can […]

Secure File Transfer Is Compulsory For The Local Authorities

One or two local system has felt the outcomes of not finding after their precious and secret data. One of the biggest challenges they facade is the problem of transferring data safely and professionally in a manner that depicts them to no risk and is cost effective. As similar prospective of the public responsibility are […]

DasDex® Mail: A Secure File Transfer Service

There is a growing need for sending large, confidential files to a remote location. Engineers and architects in large companies oftentimes need to Send Large Files to their clients for approval or reference. Earlier it was performed with the help of a courier service. However, this is not safe because there was a possibility of […]