It’s Time To Share Large Files Securely – DasDex Mail

While sharing small files and data over the internet, you can easily attach them to a mail; however, when the data or file is huge, it might be impossible to send it through email. The majority of email servers generally have a limit on the size of the email, hence you require a stronger mechanism […]

It’s Time To Know About File Sharing Service

The internet is being made for sharing and it is pretty reasonable that the moment you take pictures of your family or friends, or some other photos that are totally unmissable, then you wish to show it to others. Or you may need to share important documents with your colleagues. Give more and more businesses […]

How To Stop Data Security Breaches Effectively

In a world which is filled with computations, you cannot assume everything to go normally. At times, things go wrong. The reason might be an external source or an internal source. Data breaks have increased day by day. Safety measures have been taken by companies to prevent the data breaks and the hackers find a […]

How To Make Sure That Your Data Exchange Is Secure

You run a business or company. You are prepared to move forward along with an important business transaction. You have to exchange sensitive data securely with potential acquirers and/or investors. But how do you make sure that the data you are exchanging remain secure after and during the transfer? Well, the truth is that the […]

It’s Time To Exchange Your File Securely Online

Data is certainly the soul of your business and guarantying that it moves securely and efficiently is crucial. Yet, for something so essential, manifold companies are littered with rogue and non-compliant data transfer solutions, making their networks ripe for fail data transaction and breaches. The use of unauthorized applications and devices, known as a shadow […]