How To Make Sure That Your Data Exchange Is Secure

You run a business or company. You are prepared to move forward along with an important business transaction. You have to exchange sensitive data securely with potential acquirers and/or investors. But how do you make sure that the data you are exchanging remain secure after and during the transfer? Well, the truth is that the moment you transfer data, whether it takes place via cloud-based solution or email, it is catapulted immediately into the abyss of thieves, hackers, and interceptions.

Therefore, what moves do you have to take to stop a threat like these against your business? Needless to say, you must take some preventive measures and know about the possible solutions which are accessible to aid you to get a more Secure Data Exchange system in place. In case you intend to make sure the highest standards of security for your Online File Transfer, your system must include these features mentioned below:

Permission-Based User Role

This particular feature must provide granular permission settings which let you control access to all your files and folders. A quality Online File Transfer Service would enable an administrator to choose certain permission settings for every single user, even controlling who has admittance to which file and limitation like view only that would disable printing automatically.

Data Encryption

Your data is vulnerable to cyber attacks during transfer but also while resting on a server somewhere. So, having a solution which provides encryption for information at rest would protect against the attacks of sensitive data inside that server.

Audit and Activity Logs

Well, Audit trail reporting lets administrators see every single click recorded in the data room. In case you face a crash or breach, an audit log can offer the answers that you require regarding what caused it.

Authentication Procedures

The easiest wat hackers succeed in having access to a system is pretending to be your actual user. Your Online File Transfer system must include strong procedures which authenticate user identity properly. This necessarily goes beyond a secure password and simple username; however, method of two-factor verification.

Large file transfer is exposing organizations to tremendous risks. In case you intend to keep your confidential file protected and your threats for breaches to a nominal, then you have to hire Codebase AG who helps all their clients by providing top-quality and secure file transfer solutions.

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