It’s Time To Exchange Your File Securely Online

Data is certainly the soul of your business and guarantying that it moves securely and efficiently is crucial. Yet, for something so essential, manifold companies are littered with rogue and non-compliant data transfer solutions, making their networks ripe for fail data transaction and breaches. The use of unauthorized applications and devices, known as a shadow IT, results in a wide array of issues for companies, including lack of control and visibility and insecure data transfer, putting your business information at a great risk.

Now say goodbye to the shadow IT just by deploying a DasDex® Mail service available to the users outside and inside of your network. Well, this makes it quite easy to achieve business goals and simpler for you to give protection to your infrastructure from the security threats which oftentimes accompany shadow IT. An advanced and secure file sharing solution makes it easier for the end users to Send Large Files Online through a web browser, and offers users with access to download and to upload.

  • Centralize the management of secure file sharing

  • IT retains visibility and full control

  • Empower user with safe and secure file sharing

An Illustration of File Transferring Security

File sharing has grown in frequency and in popularity because individuals now work remotely and businesses move to the Cloud. Though employees at any time use technology to transfer files and folder between devices. But there are several security threats involved. Data transferring can come up with threats of malware infection, exposure or loss of confidential information, and hacking. Without security measures in right place, the advantages of file sharing could be remarkably overshadowed by the potential for revealing your business’s confidential data to security threats.

Advantages of Data Protection Solutions

The ultimate line of defense is to invest money in data protection solutions that protect against theft and data loss because of file-sharing online. Top data protection solution delivers security for cloud storage and file sharing application through an amalgamation of network security appliances, endpoint control, application control, access control and other preventive measures that prevent the exchanging of confidential information to unsanctioned users, endpoints, and applications. So, now you can Send Files Online without fear, simply by using DasDex® Mail.

The advantages of a top data protection include:

  • Automatic encryption of confidential data

  • Forensic even logs for policy creation, reporting, effective alerting

  • Policy-based protection and automatic classification of file download from web applications.

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