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While sharing small files and data over the internet, you can easily attach them to a mail; however, when the data or file is huge, it might be impossible to send it through email. The majority of email servers generally have a limit on the size of the email, hence you require a stronger mechanism to share files and documents across the internet.

Luckily, you have manifold alternatives to pick from. However, every substitute comes with its security threats. Before moving on to discuss anything, we have to understand what file sharing is, the numerous ways of sharing data.

Get to Know about File Sharing:

File sharing is nothing but a practice of transferring or providing access to digital resources or information, including e-books, images, computer programs, graphics, multimedia (video/audio) and documents. It is the public or private distribution of resources or data in a network with manifold levels of sharing rights. In recent times, most businesses show their keen interest in Secure Files Transfer service that makes them able to transfer or share their confidential data without intricacy.

Types of File Sharing:

Multiple processes could be used just for file transfer. Some of the common methods for storing as well as distributing files include:

  • Peer-to-peer network

  • FTP or file transfer protocol program

  • Removable storage media

  • File hosting services or online storage websites

Is File Sharing a Secure Practice?

Now that you know you have a number of choices for file transferring to pick from, but the question is how safe and secure are they? While thinking of file transferring, security comes along all the time as in today’s world, these two terms are not separable.

Since the actual source of the online files is quite tough to determine, you cannot rest assured that the file you are getting would be the one that you want or it would be malware or virus-free. Hackers attack file sharing application by infecting data with the virus and then getting users to download those infected data in their systems. Downloading those content invites security threats and can cause multitudes of security breaks unless you have robust security defenses in place. You should use the Best File Transfer Website that helps you by transferring data securely.

Codebase AG is one of the leading IT service providers. They are skilled and experienced enough and also come up with DasDex® Mail solution that helps you to Send Large Files with optimum security.

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