Secure Data Exchange – Why is it Important?

Today’s enterprises and professionals continuously create, consume, and even share data. Images, spreadsheets, documents, and presentations are some of the instances of the kinds of files businesses need to manipulate, access, and share during their business activities. And many of these files are generally stored on laptops, desktops, and personal computers while others are kept on business file servers. No matter where you keep them, it is important to make security a point while storing and exchanging them over the internet.

Data security is important for most businesses and home computer users at the same time. Bank account details, personal files, payment information, client information – all this information could be tough to replace and dangerous in case it falls into the hands of unscrupulous people. Data lost because of disasters such as fire or flood is crushing; however, losing it to Cyber criminals or malware infections could have greater consequences. Hence, it is necessary to implement a Secure Data Exchange practice in order to get better results.

Why you require a secure data transfer method:

Having the ability to share a file from one location to another is not adequate. Today businesses experience manifold security threats and also a highly competitive atmosphere. They require a secure Online File Transfer Service to protect, as well as reliably exchange their confidential business-critical data.

It is necessary that your business use a secure online file transfer system which can move your data efficiently and securely, irrespective of file transfer volume, file size or complexity.

A managed file transfer solution in the cloud or on-premises offers a platform for secure data exchange. The right secure file exchange can help a company facilitate:

  • Automated process: Let you know that file transfer automation helps in ensuring accuracy and also saves time, reducing the reliance on time-consuming and less accurate manual file transfers.

  • Data security: Left unguarded data at rest or in transit could be a big risk mainly for a breach. Implementing secure file exchange protocols safeguard confidential information and help avoid data breaches.

  • Compliance: Several companies struggle to meet industry and government-regulated compliance like GDPR, SOX, PCI, HITECH, HIPAA and more. A secure file transfer system makes facilitating, as well as maintaining compliance a lot easier by offering security monitoring and controls, and more.

Codebase AG offers top-notch secure file sharing solution – DasDex Mail that make their client able to share your data safely and securely over the internet.

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