Send Files Online Without Any Trouble

Have you ever struggle with sending a file, document, image, or audio or video file over the web? If yes, it is quite common problem among the architects, engineers, administrative assistants, medical practitioners, graphic designers, and a number of business associates.

Why email actually doesn’t work?

Some of the files are too big to send through email and the procedure of compressing them can denote the receiver is incapable to open the file or it is corrupted in the process of the compression. At the same time, compression isn’t adequate for a number of files.

Yet another real complaint with Email is that it just not secure. Emails can be cut off, accidentally sent at the wrong email address or land in a junk mail box and missed all at the same time. Just think about the hard work ending up in anybody’s junk mail box and ultimately deleted.

Why here digital delivery fail:

The process of uploading the document or even Digital delivery or send file online to a third party who then makes it accessible to your recipient or even recipients.

One of the difficulties with digital delivery is that the file is just accessed for a restricted time, implies that the recipient has to be accessible to download the file right away.  Not just that, they should have some space on their PC in order to store it.

If a person is sending a number of large files that could be actual problem as well. No doubt, digital delivery can also lack the high level of security necessary by a lot of individuals as well as business owners. It is equally important to send secure and proprietary information, or even medical files of the patients’, is too significant to leave in the hands of a digital messenger.

Online file storage:

Now, you can easily find a wide-ranging, yet straightforward, solution for all files sharing requirements. One of the best solutions is to use secure file sharing and storage through FTP or File Transfer Protocol. It is one of the highly used internet file sharing solution used all over the world, is a quite easy and convenient solution to use, which implies it is an perfect service for the person with a high degree of technical proficiency or the computer beginner.

But, FTP solutions comes with few drawbacks like:

  • FTP needs Usernames & passwords to upload files.
  • FTP sends files in clear text, if hacked can be read easily.
  • FTP client needs installation on host computer.
  • Servers can be spoofed to send data to a random port on an unintended computer
  • Easy for inexperienced users to wipe out work.
  • Inconsistency/inability to track what has been uploaded on the remote system.

Hence we recommend DasDex® Mail to send large files online without any difficulty.

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