Sharing File Securely With Using Encrypted File Transfer And Its Advantages

File sharing is the private sharing of data. It can be done outside a network simply by emailing your file. Simply we can say this is a way of sharing a file from one computer to another.

Securing the information

When we think about sending or sharing our important information the first thing comes to our mind is data security. The internet is a scary place as we know data theft occurs and we never want this to happen with our important documents. Hence paying a closer attention to best practices for securing the file transfer is a necessity.

There is a number of ways and security protocol that you may use to protect your data in transit from data theft of data sniffing.

What is file transfer encryption?

File transfer encryption helps us to send file securely, this protects our file from being able to read and understand what is sending. File encryption is a process where the shared data encrypted into a non-human readable format and then decrypting it back to a readable format once it reaches the destination.

When is File Transfer Encryption Used?

File transfer encryption is generally used when we move the information from one system to another system or computer or server over the internet. It also can be seen in the short distance as well, like wireless payment cards. Data transfer activities that are generally encrypted include online purchase, website logging even during standard web browsing as data security is vital here. In each of these cases, the files are encrypted so that it is not readable by anyone while moving from one place to another.

Three options for encrypted file transfer

  • FTPS: File transfer protocol it adds support for the transport layer security.
  • SFTP: Secure file transfer protocol
  • HTTP: Hypertext transfer protocol is for secure communication over a computer network.

The fastest of these three and most widely applied option is FTPS or FTP over SSL. For large file transfer, it has both implicit and explicit notes and a range of data ports must be used but in case of SFTP, it requires only one port that makes it one of the simpler option for encryption.

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