Sharing Files, Information In A Protected And Secured Way

File transfer or file sharing is the broadcast of a file, information through a proper message channel from one computer system to another computer. This file sharing is mainly done by a communication protocol.

File transfer is a procedure of providing access to the computer program, audio file, image file, video file, documents. Basically, you can share files in different ways.

  1. Manual sharing: This is a very common method of sharing file. This includes storage, transmission, and dispersion using removable media.
  2. Send file online: This the best way of sharing file when you need to send a large file to a different location or sharing to more than one computer at a time.

Advantages of sending a file online:

  • When you send file online, a large number of user can access the program.
  • All the users can have the access to a much larger program collection and here private removable storage is not required.
  • When a single machine is running out of capacity sharing the files with more computer can be an added advantage.
  • It reduces the issues involved in performing backups for a number of machines located in a wide geographical are.

Data security

Data security is a vital factor when we send file online. Secure file sharing is a process of sharing the information, file or data securely and privately. It allows sending a file between different users confidentially and within a protected mode. We always want out information should be secure from intruders or unauthorized users. Secure file sharing is named as protected file sharing.

Large file sharing:

There are times when we need to send large file online. May it for business purpose or some personal files but we all know most email services set a limit.

Method 1:

So in that scenario, you need to search for some other method. Cloud storage and file sharing services make sending large file online much easier, faster and reliable too.

Method 2:

We can compress the file before sending. This will shrink the file size will help you transfer the file faster. Compressing a file size will help you in terms of storage as well.

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